How to Submit Your Entry

How to submit your entry:

Please read these guidelines before you register to log in:

Log in: After registering on the login page, you will be prompted to log in with a username and password. You will be able to log in multiple times as you complete your entry.

Returning users: Your username and password are still valid. If you forgot your username or password, please click HERE.

Entry form: You will be prompted to complete a form providing information about your news organization and the entry, including a brief sentence describing the entry. The entry form also includes questions about the submitted work, on how its subject came to light and what obstacles were overcome in reporting or photographing it, for example. If any of these questions do not apply to your submission, please write "N/A" in the answer field. Your entry form will not be submitted if there are blank answers. (The questions replace entry letters, which are no longer required.)

Uploading items: The entry form offers multiple slots for uploading the components of your entry as PDFs, URLs and images; and for submitting URLs for audio, video and other multimedia content. You will be asked to select a journalism category for your entry from a dropdown menu. The entry site will then allow you to place the items of your entry into a series of slots, with the number of available slots determined by the category you selected (15 for Public Service, 7 for Breaking News, etc.). Within each slot, you must choose whether to upload a PDF or an image, or to submit a URL. After adding material to a slot, click on "add another item." A new slot will open, and so on, until the limit of items for the category has been reached. One additional slot will be available for any supplemental material.

Publication date: The date should accompany each submitted item, including video. You may add the date in the “label” slot on the upload page.

Stories: All material must be submitted electronically. Text material should be formatted and submitted as PDFs or, beginning in 2020, as URLs. To assure readability, the PDF should measure no larger than 8 1/2 x 14 inches, the type size should be 12 pt. and the text should be in a one- or two-column format, single spaced. To show the original display of the material, you can use the first page of the PDF to frame or highlight an entered article on its published page; or use a visual thumbnail to depict the article’s original spread. Video and other online content, such as interactive graphics, photo galleries or databases, should be entered only as URLs.

Visual elements – photos and graphics – may also be included to illustrate the text or to provide context. If the visual elements are to be judged as explicit parts of an entry with named contributors, the name of the photographer or graphic artist should appear on the entry form.

Large-scale graphics: A graphic occupying up to a newspaper page or more should be submitted as a URL or uploaded as a PDF in a size sufficient to reflect the scope and integrity of the work.  It will count as one item.

Video: Video should be submitted via its URL (see technical requirements) but please remove pre-roll ads. In general, there is no limit on length. Each video will count as one item, except in cases where several short videos on the same theme are combined into one presentation of 10 minutes or less.

Photo galleries: They should be submitted via their URLs. The maximum number of images is 15. Each slideshow or gallery will count as one item.

Interactive content: Interactive graphics and databases should be entered as URLs.

Pay wall: To facilitate juror access, entrants should place URLs outside any pay wall. If that proves infeasible, the entry should contain a simple username and password for jurors, plainly indicated in the label for the first or only URL. URLs must remain active until the Prizes are announced in April.

Supplemental: Because of the heavy burden on jurors, supplemental material should be kept to a minimum. Supplemental material may be added if, to an important degree, it shows the results achieved by the submitted work, the scope of the journalistic effort or the engagement of the audience. Judges examine supplemental material at their discretion.

Illustrated Reporting and Commentary category: Still work should be uploaded as JPEGs. If they are animated, enter via URLs.

Photography categories: Images should be uploaded as JPEGs (see technical requirements).

Proof of publication: Required for Illustrated Reporting and Commentary and Photography categories, proof should be submitted as “supplemental” material. Each item published in print should be supported by a PDF of clippings or tearsheets, with dates and captions. If an online item is submitted, it should be accompanied by a PDF of a screen-shot from the eligible website with date and caption. The PDF should be submitted as a single file (see technical requirements).

Fee: There is a nonrefundable handling fee of $75 for each entry. Payment is by credit card.

Questions: Contact the Pulitzer Prize office at 212-854-3841 or [email protected]