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The Pulitzer Prizes

Honoring Excellence in Journalism and the Arts since 1917
Journalism Entry for 2014


The journalism entry deadline was January 25, 2014, and we are no longer accepting entries. The 2014 Pulitzer Prizewinners and Nominated Finalists were announced on April 14, 2014. The Website will open for new entries in December 2014.


Entry site for the Pulitzer Prizes in journalism

Each spring, Columbia University awards Pulitzer Prizes in 14 journalism categories. The winners are chosen by the Pulitzer Prize Board, which seeks to recognize journalistic excellence in eligible news organizations.

Entries must be based on material coming from a United States newspaper or news site that publishes at least weekly. Only material published in 2013 may be submitted. Magazines and broadcast media, and their respective Web sites, are not eligible. Entries that involve collaboration between an eligible organization and ineligible media will be considered if the eligible organization does the preponderance of the work and publishes it first (see the FAQ for other limitations on entry by partnership).

For a list with definitions of the 14 prize categories, click here (pdf).
For a more detailed explanation of the rules, the recent changes and the FAQ on submitting an entry, click here (pdf).
For technical requirements, click here (pdf).

All entries must be submitted electronically. Submissions on paper are not accepted.

Entry deadline: Jan. 25, 2014.

Entry fee: $50 per entry - paid by credit card only (MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover).

Click HERE for your guide to preparing and submitting an entry.